When you book a Foodie Cycling Holiday, you’ll get access to a Mallorca that I’ve curated for you, experiencing adventures on an island where I not only live, but grew up, worked, had my own family and of course cycled.  So, I thought it was only right that you should know a little more about me…

Happy Hotel History

It might not surprise you that I was born in Mallorca into a family who own hotels on the island. But you might not know that my father was only 25 when he owned his first hotel. Having worked his way up from bell boy, he had a chance to enter the world of hotel management and he grabbed the opportunity. From there on up he acquired more properties including the eponymous Son Brull.

So, my childhood was all about hotels. I went to school in Palma but spent all my holidays at the hotels – I loved the property at Cala San Vicente where I would play chess with the receptionists or help behind the bar. After studying business at university in London, I studied languages in Germany and eventually settled in South America with my husband working for a travel brand. However, when kids arrived in 2001, the pull of Mallorca was strong and we returned to the island, where I worked alongside my siblings at Son Brull hotel.

Cycling – From Hobby to Business

Although I always appreciated Mallorca’s natural beauty it wasn’t until I started cycling that it really clicked into place for me. The combination of exhilarating cycle rides paired with the stunning coastline, hilltop villages and of course the lighthouse, made me realise what a feel-good activity it was – getting me out into fresh air but also allowing me to appreciate my surroundings.

But it was just a hobby for some time – a great thing to do on the weekends with friends and very sociable especially when we would stop at a lovely restaurant for a long lunch! But with my work at Son Brull, I saw that the trend for cycling was becoming more popular and twinned with certain life events occurring, it made me realise that I needed to seize the day on this idea…and thus Foodie Cycling was born.

Why I Love What I Do

Once I discovered my passion for cycling, I realised the way I was exploring Mallorca on bicycle was very different to some of the other cycling companies here on the island. Because of my upbringing on the island, I was actually the gateway to encounters that others just wouldn’t have access to – and when it comes to foodie experiences, I’m happy to admit I’m an expert!

The way in which I build itineraries for my clients is unique. I like to get to know the client and I take great pleasure in thinking through and joining the dots to create an itinerary with the best routes, stops, hotels and of course restaurants. It might sound clichéd, but I truly find satisfaction and happiness from helping other people to enjoy life. Through Foodie Cycling, it is my dream come true to have the opportunity to make people happy.

Happy Cycling!


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