In Spain, ham is a key element in gastronomy, and there are various denominations and types of ham, each with its own characteristics and production methods.

Some of the most well-known denominations include:

Jamón Serrano: This is one of the most common types of ham in Spain. It is primarily produced in mountainous regions and air-cured for a period that can vary from 12 to 24 months

Jamón Ibérico: This is a high-quality ham that comes from Iberian pigs, a native breed of the Iberian Peninsula. It is classified into different categories based on the pig’s diet and racial purity: bellota (acorn-fed), cebo de campo (field-fed), and cebo (grain-fed).

Jamón de Bellota: It is the most prestigious variety of Ibérico ham. It comes from Iberian pigs exclusively fed on acorns during the fattening phase in the dehesa (oak forest). The curing process can take from 24 to 36 months.

Jamón de Teruel: With a designation of origin, this ham is produced in the province of Teruel. It is characterized by its curing in a dry and cold climate.

Jamón de Guijuelo: Coming from the town of Guijuelo in Salamanca, it is another ham with a designation of origin. It often has a longer curing period and is primarily produced from Iberian pig breeds.

Jamón de Trevélez: Originating from the Alpujarra region in the province of Granada, it is known for its curing at high altitudes and specific climatic conditions.

Jamón de Jabugo: Hailing from the town of Jabugo in the province of Huelva, it is another high-quality Ibérico ham.

Each of these varieties has unique characteristics in terms of flavor, texture, and production methods, and Spanish ham is highly esteemed both nationally and internationally.

Spanish ham, is enjoyed in various ways throughout Spain, as tapas, with bread, in cooking, in salads…Overall, Spanish ham is incredibly versatile and can be enjoyed in many different ways, depending on personal preference and regional culinary traditions, which you will get to experience on any of our tours and how local’s eat it in each region.


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