As we come to close the season in Mallorca, I’m reflecting on what a wonderful first year it has been for Foodie Cycling. Thank you to everyone who has come along for the ride, no pun intended! It really exceeded my expectations, and your lovely feedback made my year.

So what made it so special?

It was always my aim to make my guests happy, so it’s fantastic to know I’ve achieved that goal. From the 13 cyclists all the way from Australia, my first repeater guests, to the couple who had very little cycling experience, I know I’ve made their Foodie Cycling trip to Mallorca the best it can be. Don’t take my word for it – hear what they had to say…

“We just completed a brilliantly organised week of cycling and experiencing the amazing food that Mallorca has to offer. We were a group of 13 experienced cyclists that have toured in many different places around the world. I can honestly say that Mar and her team facilitated the best cycling trip we have been on. Mallorca is an unbelievable place to ride and we will all be back.”

“My husband and I spent nine wonderful days on Mallorca cycling and sightseeing in September. Mar did an incredible job planning our routes, hotels, dinner reservations and transfers. We can’t thank Mar enough for not only how professional she is but her genuine hospitality and kindness.”

The Highlights

It’s hard for me to pick out one highlight but rather a collection of moments. I would say an overarching feeling is what I’ve learnt this year. Firstly, I’ve realised that everyone is different, and that’s what is so great about my flexible itineraries – that I can really craft it for each person. It’s also interesting that everyone approaches cycling and different routes in their own way – what might be quite easy for some is challenging for another so it’s made me realise the important of getting to know my clients.  I had a solo traveller who underestimated what he could achieve so it was lovely to see him really enjoy his rides; equally a large group was logistically difficult to organise but paid off when they all told me what an excellent trip it was – one of their best! A lovely compliment for me.

Foodie Highs

Of course, what makes my cycling trips stand out from others on the island or beyond is the emphasis I put on the foodie experiences. With my contacts on the island and knowledge of the culinary scene, my clients can access my gastronomic world. Particularly popular this year were my gourmet picnics. Imagine a hard morning’s cycle to discover a table with a fluttering tablecloth set up under the shade of a tree, decorated with delicious Mallorcan food – Mediterranean salads, homemade dips, local cheese and charcuterie, Mallorquin olives, freshly baked muffins, quiches and bread plus cold drinks. One-to-one meetings with my favourite wine producers on the island was another foodie highlight and I love being able to introduce my guests to the new tastes and the best wines on the island.

New for Next Year

Having completed a whole year there are definitely some areas I want to focus more on for next year – for example I know many of you are deeply interested Mallorca’s far-reaching history, so I’ll be incorporating some special stops into my itineraries for those who like history, architecture and tradition. There’s a wealth of it here on the island, let me be your entry point into uncovering the secrets of Mallorca’s past. I’ll also be working on combination itineraries – for example for a family who might only want one- or two-days’ cycling – I can then fill out the rest of their time with boat trips, beach days and water sports. I also think hiking in Mallorca is very underrated – I’d love to arrange the perfect trip which incorporated hiking, biking and then some relaxing spa time in a gorgeous hotel.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone who came to Mallorca this year for a Foodie Cycling holiday. I hope to see you again soon. If you haven’t yet been – please get in touch so I can start to organise your trip – we will be ready to ride again in February! In the meantime keep an eye on my Instagram @foodiecycling for the latest updates, cycling inspiration and enticing pictures of Mallorca to keep you going through winter.


Happy Cycling!


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