Frequently Asked Questions

Custom Trips

Is a Custom Trip right for me?

A Custom Trip is ideal for families, friends, or colleagues seeking a personalized experience. You’ll enjoy fantastic Foodie Cycling variety of activities, exclusively with your chosen companions. Planning ahead is encouraged for optimal availability and a seamless, customized journey.

How does a Custom Trip work?
  • Choose an established destinations or pick any other destination in Spain.
  • Pick your prefered dates, which will be confirmed upon hotel availability.
  • Trip price is established on a case-by-case basis. The larger the group, the better price we can offer.
  • All of our custom trips are conducted by local trip leaders, allowing you to immerse yourself in the local culture.
  • A support van will accompany you every day, and snacks/drinks will be provided. Extra support vehicles will be added based on the group size.
  • Different activities can be included in the trip, like cycling, hiking, water activities, etc.
  • On moving days, your luggage will be transferred from hotel to hotel.
  • You can choose between a road bike or an ebike at no extra cost.
  • If you require pre/post trip assistance, we can provide it.
  • All you have to do is be active and enjoy yourself!
    How much does a Custom Trip cost?

    The pricing for our custom trips, is determined on a case-by-case basis. Factors such as hotel availability and size of the group influence the cost, as well as the support/number of guides needed. Early booking is encouraged to secure availability at preferred hotels. 

    How do you communicate with a custom group?

    Each Custom Trip requires the designation of a Spokesperson, a team member who serves as the leader, inspiring others to join and fostering enthusiasm for the journey. The Spokesperson also serves as the primary contact between the group and Foodie Cycling. Confirming your group early and maintaining proactive communication during the booking process ensures a seamless experience, allowing us to handle the logistical aspects smoothly.

    How early do we need to book?

    We recommend booking your Foodie Cycling Custom Trip at least 6 months in advance, especially for larger groups, to confirm hotel availability. Our preference is to feature small, unique hotels with a limited room inventory, planning in advance maximizes our chances to secure a spot for your group. Last-minute bookings, if possible, will be accommodated based on availability.

    Can we design our own itinerary?

    Absolutely! Crafting a personalized itinerary is our specialty. For a customized experience, reach out to us. Whether it’s adjusting trip duration or making significant changes like adding hikes, water activities, cooking classes, and more, the possibilities are endless. We’re dedicated to tailoring your adventure precisely to your preferences.

    How fit do we have to be?

    We will design the trip according to your fitness level, remeber this is YOUR trip.

    All levels are welcome on Foodie Cycling custom trips!  We can provide as much van support as you desire to make sure all fitness levels in your group are looked after.

    For cycling, you can choose an e-bike at no additional cost if you have concerns about your riding skills.

    What is your cancellation policy?

    If a guest must cancel their spot on a Custom Trip within 185 days of the departure date (after Final Payment has been made), and that space cannot be filled by a new group member, cancellation fees  will apply. Detailed Terms and Conditions are available here. Because you can’t plan for the unexpected, we strongly recommend you purchase a Travel Insurance to help protect against financial loss due to cancellation fees or any other reason that may not allow you to travel on the booked dates.

    How do you support different riding levels?

    At Foodie Cycling Custom Trips, we support various riding levels by welcoming any pace, allowing guests to ride at their own speed. Navigation is facilitated with our GPS device. Our local trip leaders, both in the van and on the bike, offer continuous support during stops, providing water, mechanical assistance, or a boost up the hill if needed. We ensure visibility at key spots on each route, optimizing our support for all riding abilities and encouraging an inclusive and enjoyable cycling adventure for everyone.

    Are non-riders welcome?

    Foodie Cycling welcomes both riders and non-riders to our unforgettable vacations. Our trips offer more than just riding, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Contact us for details on the best options for non-riders. We can assist in arranging additional activities and extra transport during daily ride options, with additional costs applicable.

    Which type of bike will I have?

    You’ll have the choice of a top-range road bike or e-bike on all our itineraries. Upon request, we can also provide a hybrid bike, with confirmation subject to availability. Our partnerships with various providers in different regions ensure diverse options. For specific bike details on each trip, feel free to contact us, and we’ll provide you with the information you need.

    If you plan to bring your own bike, please ensure it’s well-maintained and in good mechanical shape before your trip. You’ll be responsible for assembling and disassembling it as needed during the tour.

    Can I bring my children?

    Certainly! Foodie Cycling Private Trips warmly welcome participants of all ages, including children, ensuring families enjoy tailor-made and flexible itineraries. We will collaborate with you to design a trip that aligns with the preferences and ages of the kids. For custom experiences, various activities can be added to enhance the family adventure—whether it’s water sports, hiking, zip-lining, rock climbing, or more. We’re here to create the trip of a lifetime for your family.

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