Frequently Asked Questions

Self Guided Tours

Is a Self-Guided Tour right for me?

Our self-guided tours are ideal for you if you appreciate the flexibility of exploring a destination on your own and value someone planning the itinerary, hotels, routes and restaurant recommendations for you. It’s important that you feel comfortable selecting your own route based on your riding skills, navigating using GPX tracks and handling minor mechanical adjustments. These trips are tailored for riders who value independence and privacy on their vacation, enjoy managing their own schedule, choosing stops, or adapting plans based on weather. It’s the ideal choice for those seeking self-reliant experience, where you dictate the pace and the path on a professionally customized adventure.

How does a Self-Guided Tour work?
  • Choose an established itinerary or contact us to create a custom trip
  • If you choose a custom trip, we will build an itinerary that suits your preferences in terms of length, difficulty, hotels, etc.
  • Choose your own date, which will be confirmed upon hotel availability.
  • Trip price is established on a case-by-case basis. 
  • Once at your destination, we will meet you in person to deliver the bikes and go over the trip in detail.
  • Every day, routes of different levels will be available.
  • On moving days, your luggage will be transferred from hotel to hotel.
  • You can choose between a road bike or an ebike at no extra cost.
  • You’ll receive a package with a basic tool kit, spare tubes, levers and carbon cartridges. 
  • While we expect guests to handle flat tire changes, our team is ready to assist promptly with significant mechanical or medical issues.
  • You will receive an extensive selection of our favorite restaurants and other highlights of the region, and we will handle bookings for you if preferred.
  • If you require pre/post trip assistance, we can provide it.
  • All you have to do is bike, eat, and enjoy yourself!
    How much support will I have?

    Our Self-Guided Cycling Tours offer exceptional support; a dedicated Foodie Cycling representative meets you in person and ensures a detailed itinerary review and diverse options at the beginning of the trip. Throughout the trip we’re available on the phone for any doubt or assistance you might need. In cases of medical, mechanical emergency or any other scenario where our presence is required, we are 20-60 min drive away, depending where exactly on the island you are. On the last day we will meet you at the hotel to receive your bike and equipment before you continue your travels.

    What do I do in case of an emergency?

    Your safety is our top priority. In case of an emergency, contact us. We will respond swiftly, providing on-site assistance, organizing transportation, or offering guidance based on the situation. 

    • Emergencies that require our presence: Significant bike damage needing substantial repairs, minor injuries/illnesses hindering further cycling. For severe injuries, contact first emergency medical responders – provided numbers.
    • Non-Emergencies: A flat tire or slipped chain, feeling fatigued or exceeding your skill level, getting lost, bad weather, running out of water or e-bike battery. You can call us, and we’ll make every effort to assist you in the distance.

    You’ll receive a package with a basic tool kit, spare tubes, levers, pump and carbon cartridges. We also provide a basic first aid kit for common medical emergencies, such as patching up minor injuries and scrapes.

    Can I get additional assistance?

    Certainly! While our Self-Guided Tours are designed for independence, additional assistance is available upon request. Whether you need strategic shuttles on challenging days to avoid big climbs or shorten routes, or if you prefer van support for the entire trip or part of it, we’re here to accommodate your needs. These additional services will be organized on a case-by-case basis and may incur extra charges. Our goal is to ensure you have the flexibility to tailor your experience while offering support when desired, making your journey as seamless as possible.

    How fit do I have to be?

    Your fitness level should match the easiest of our three daily ride options—Sweet, Salty, Spicy, detailed on our site. Familiarity with distance and elevation data is crucial for choosing the ride that is right for you. Know your limits, and make a suitable choice. If you would like to have longer or shorter routes than the ones we offer, let us know and we will work on a customized experience.

    Can I design my own itinerary?

    Absolutely! Crafting a personalized itinerary is our specialty. You also have the option to choose from our established itineraries, which cater to a wide range of preferences, interests, and abilities. For a customized experience, reach out to us. Whether it’s adjusting trip duration or making significant changes like adding hikes, water activities, cooking classes, and more, the possibilities are endless. We’re dedicated to tailoring your adventure precisely to your preferences.

    What about water and food during the ride?

    We provide a biking water bottle and basic snacks, but feel free to bring your favorites. Our routes pass through towns with plenty of opportunities to refill water bottles and replenish snacks. The app provided with your itinerary details will offer information on water fountains and convenient locations to buy snacks or stop for a coffee (or pastry!). Additionally, we will provide a small bike bag to ensure you can carry your snacks or any small purchases while riding.

    What is your cancellation policy?

    Your deposit is fully refundable on Self-guided Tours up to 121 days before the trip starts. Detailed Terms and Conditions are available here. Because you can’t plan for the unexpected, we strongly recommend you purchase a Travel Insurance to help protect against financial loss due to cancellation fees or any other reason that may not allow you to travel on the booked dates.

    Which type of bike will I have?

    We provide high-quality road and electric-assisted bicycles. You can choose between a Top range Pinarello X5 road bike or a Specialized Turbo Creo 2 comp e-bike (see details in the links). If you have a preference for a different bike style, we can accommodate your request based on availability. If you plan to bring your own bike, please ensure it’s well-maintained and in good mechanical shape before your trip. You’ll be responsible for assembling and disassembling it as needed during the tour.

    Do I have to take care of the equipment?

    Yes, you are responsible for safely storing the bike daily; specific instructions will be given by your Foodie Cycling host. We provide a lock but ask you to keep the bike within sight. Charging electronic devices, including the Wahoo Elemnt GPS, is your responsibility. If using an e-bike, nightly battery charging is necessary. We provide all the necessary charging cords and accessories. 

    Are non-riders welcome?

    Foodie Cycling welcomes both riders and non-riders to our unforgettable vacations. Our trips offer more than just riding, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Contact us for details on the best options for non-riders. We can assist in arranging additional activities and extra transport during daily ride options, with additional costs applicable.

    Do I need to have access to mobile data?

    We recommend acquiring a SIM card upon arrival or enabling mobile data roaming for continuous access to data. Although the Wahoo ELEMNT, your main navigation device, doesn’t need data connectivity, having mobile data ensures optimal support and assistance for any ride-related issues during your adventure.

    Will I overlap with other guests?

    You might overlap with other Foodie Cycling’s guests on self-guided tours with the same dates and hotels, especially during peak season. Since we aim to create intimate experiences on our trips, and manage overlaps carefully. If that is the case, we’ll inform you, and the choice to ride with others is entirely yours to make.

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