With Summer behind us, it’s that time when we start to map out our travels for the year ahead, perhaps with some good intentions thrown in. For example, booking a holiday that includes fresh air, exercise, culture, great food and wine, in other words – a Foodie Cycling holiday in Mallorca! As well as a giving yourself something wonderful to look forward to, there are a few other good reasons why now is a great time to book your cycling holiday in Mallorca.

1 – The Best Of The Kit

When you’re cycling in another country, you have to rely on the bike outfitter you’re booking with to ensure that they have all the equipment and kit you need. As Foodie Cycling is based in Mallorca, we have first-hand access to the best quality bikes, kit, saddles, helmets – even water bottles. When you book, we immediately reserve your bike for your trip, and of course the earlier you do this, the better choice you have! We take all your vital measurements so we can have the correct bike, pedals and saddle waiting for you. E -bikes are becoming much more popular and they do get booked up – if you like the flexibility of an assisted bike then this is another great reason to book early.

2 – Your Hotel Pick at Nice Prices

Growing up in a hotel in Mallorca may make me biased but I truly believe that Mallorca has some of the most beautiful hotels in the world. More than that, I’ve stayed, dined and spent time in all of the best hotels, meaning I’ve become quite an expert. I can tell you which hotel is right for you, and even better I can even book the best rooms for you that might include stunning sea views, spacious suites and shady terraces. But, and there is a but, you have to be the early bird to get the best rooms in the best hotels.  For example, the Villa Suites in Son Brull are hugely in demand as their private terraces overlook the estate and vineyards. Belmond La Residencia also only has a few rooms with terraces which get booked up very quickly. Sadly, the prices rise as the season gets closer – so booking early also means the best room AND the best price.

3 – Build Your Itinerary and Your Anticipation!

It’s a fact that anticipation is good for the soul. It’s lovely to have something to look forward to – imagine putting into your diary an exciting cycle trip around Mallorca! Well, imagine no more – book now and have that pleasurable feeling of anticipation to get you through the rest of winter. I will devise your itinerary, based on what you want from your holiday, with lots of insider tips to help you get the best from your trip.  There will be plenty of enticing details for you to ponder longer on, like cycling the winding roads overlooking the olive groves with the sea as a backdrop, dining al fresco after an amazing ride, a glass of local rosé as the sun sets, a fresh fish lunch by the seaside, swimming in azure blue waters….the list goes on.

4 – Time To Get Ready

To get the best out of a cycling holiday, ideally, you need to be at a reasonably good level of fitness. Personally, when I’m feeling a little bit more fit, I can ride for longer and I get so much more out of my day, enjoying the views rather than gasping for breath!  By booking early, you’re giving yourself more time to train and improve your fitness levels – knowing you’re going on a cycling holiday in Mallorca is a great motivator!  It will also mean you’ll feel the best version of yourself on those hilly climbs to Cap Formentor, uphill though the Serra Serra de Tramuntana or winding around the coastal roads.

 5 – Maximum Flexibility 

This article outlines a few reasons why I think it’s a good idea to book early. But I know some of you might be hesitant because of the travel upheaval of last few years. So I wanted to reassure you that there really is nothing to lose by booking early. Once you book, you can change the booking if you need to as I understand that sometimes plans have to be amended.  You can even cancel completely if you change your mind, as long as it’s 15 days before your trip. And if travel restrictions are implemented within Mallorca or your country of departure that mean travel isn’t permitted, no charges will apply. I want you to feel relaxed and excited about your upcoming trip, and to trust in me that it will be a wonderful experience.

See you soon in Mallorca.





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