The “Gilda” is a pintxo (or pintxos), a small portion of food served in the Basque Country and other regions of Spain. The Gilda, in particular, is a well-known pintxo with an interesting story.

The Gilda is said to have been created by the famous bartender Donostiarra, who worked at Bar Casa Vallés in San Sebastián, a city in the Basque Country. The story goes that this pintxo was created in the 1940s in homage to the film “Gilda,” starring Rita Hayworth. The choice of the name and the combination of ingredients has a quirky reason.

The movie “Gilda” is known for its female lead, Rita Hayworth, who plays Gilda, a very sensual character. The original Gilda consists of green olives, guindillas (green chili peppers), and anchovies, all skewered on a toothpick. The combination of ingredients aims to represent the blend of intense flavors and sensuality associated with the character of Gilda in the movie.

The Gilda has become a classic in Basque and Spanish cuisine, and its popularity has extended beyond the region’s borders. It is commonly served as an appetizer in bars and taverns, appreciated for the harmonious blend of flavors between the saltiness of the anchovies, the acidity of the olives, and the spicy kick of the chili peppers.

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