Although Mallorca is an island where things happen year-round, autumn is a much quieter period than the summer and not as busy, yet it remains just as pretty. These months are ideal to be more active and enjoy what nature has to offer, temperatures are mild, sunny days and fresh air will do you good.

Mallorca in Autumn: 5 Things Locals Do

There are many hiking trails around Mallorca, from shorter ones suitable for all ages, to more challenging routes where experience is needed. The dramatic and varied landscape lends itself to countless walks through rocky gorges, lush valleys and coastal pathways – rewarding walkers of all abilities with brilliant views.

You will find plenty of maps and guides just by googling, and there is even the GR221, which is called the Dry Stone Route, that crosses the island from north to south on the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, a UNESCO Heritage Site. The 135km (81miles) are divided into different stages, and there are plenty of variants, which make it a great route to follow.

Autumn is the wild mushroom season, and this is one of the locals’ favourite activities. You will find people walking in the woods, usually alone, carrying a wicker basket where they put the mushrooms they find. You will never see a group of people doing this, as “experts” have their secret places and don’t want others to know. If you are not good at wild mushroom hunting, never mind, as you will enjoy them in restaurants where you will be offered seasonal Mallorquin dishes with them.

In November there are different “Fires” that happen in different villages, these are festivals about a certain product, like the Pumping Fair in Muro, the Oil Fair in Caimari, or the Honey Fair in LLubí, and others that bring all sorts of equipment, decoration and art into the villages for a few days. The main one is “Es Dijous Bò” in Inca, which takes place on the third Thursday in November.

The highlight of this time of year are two important dates. First is October 21st, when we eat the traditional “buñuelos”, made in a dough with potato, flour, eggs and sugar. You will find stalls in Palma and in the main square in the villages selling them.

The other big day is November 11th when The Light Festival happens in Palma Cathedral. While it’s a fairly busy place at any time of the year, these two days of the year see La Seu becomes a never-ending stream of people solemnly waiting to witness the unique moment when the two rose windows of La Seu become aligned, forming a magical and mysterious figure of eight.

This alignment of its two rose windows happens only twice a year – 11th November and 2nd February – every Candlemas and Saint Martin’s Day (2/2 and 11/11 respectively). Experts believe that the rose windows were not purposefully constructed to create this phenomenon, which only heightens public interest. The first ray of morning sunshine that illuminates the main facade triggers an explosion of colour from the 1,116 pieces of glass making up the larger stained-glass window, also known as Oculus Maior or the Gothic Eye. The building’s orientation, by contrast, is intentional. The bell tower is directed toward Mecca, since it stands on the site of the earlier mosque’s minaret.

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