Why Foodie Cycling

Local Expertise

We firmly believe that working with local experts and supporting local economies is the most authentic way to travel to a place. Being a Spanish owned and run company, we provide a genuine and deeply rooted love for our country, translating into more authentic, immersive, and memorable travel experiences for our guests.

Additionally, our deep local network gives us access to unique suppliers and experiences to help us curate unforgettable trips.

Local Leaders

All our Trip Leaders are Spanish and are deeply connected to the region of the trip.

Besides being passionate cyclists and knowledgeable guides, our Local Leaders deliver outstanding customer service, going above and beyond to make sure everyone is having a great time and to ensure a safe trip.

Our leaders’ passion, knowledge, and local expertise transform each trip into an unforgettable experience!

Small groups

Our groups are small, most of them being around 10-12 guests to guarantee an intimate experience and lots of flexibility. Our goal is to provide an individual, personalized experience within a group context.

Book with Certainty

All Foodie Cycling Scheduled Trips are guaranteed to run with 4 guests. If your party is the first one to book, we will communicate when your trip is guaranteed to run.

Foodie Highlights

As Spaniards, we embrace our food culture passionately, sharing it with pride and
communal spirit. We believe that any place can only be understood through its food.

All our Foodie Cycling trips showcase our deep connection with the region’s gastronomy. Intimate meals at a local home, fresh, seasonal produce, a stop at family-owned selected wineries for a unique tasting experience are just a few of the foodie highlights on our trips.

We also include a selection of local wines and beers on each meal.


Foodie Cycling is deeply committed to sustainability across all our operations. When you choose us, you actively support the local economy and the well-being of the region you’re exploring, as we partner with Spanish-owned and operated enterprises. Our extensive network includes local, family-owned businesses, and we exclusively hire local trip leaders.

Unlike larger multinational travel companies, one of our goals is to minimize our carbon footprint by stationing our staff and equipment at the destination.

Moreover, we prioritize farm-to-table dining experiences. Our commitment to sustainability ensures our trips leave
a positive impact on both the environment and the region we travel through.

Lots of choices

We offer the ideal travel experience for you, regardless of what style you prefer. Join our
scheduled group departures for a week of shared experiences with like-minded individuals.

Prefer a more personalized adventure? Opt for our private tours, where you choose your
travel companions and work with us creating a personalized itinerary. For the independent
explorer, we offer self-guided trips, granting you the freedom to set your own pace and

Your trip, your pace

We welcome all cycling paces on our trips, respecting each guest’s preferred speed.

Whether you opt for a road bike or an e-bike, you have the freedom to choose your daily ride’s speed and distance.

Our carefully designed routes cater to varying riding abilities, enabling you to explore the region’s highlights at your own pace.

You decide whether to cover every mile or take it easy, dedicating more time to savoring charming towns and hotels at your leisure.

Unparalleled support

We are committed to accommodate different levels and abilities with great van support.

All our scheduled trips are supported with at least one dedicated van, adding extra support vehicles for your comfort and safety whenever the group size requires so.

We are committed to making sure you can take a break from the saddle whenever you wish, providing regular access to a support vehicle for mechanical assistance, a shuttle up the hill, water, snacks or the good company of our local leaders.

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